El Mapa Natural Emerald Ring

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The green stone you didn't know you needed. Ring with natural raw Emeralds embedded and made of Bronze with 24 k Gold plating. All of our pieces are nickel free.

Size: 6

Warranty & Returns
Once you have a problem with any of our jewelry, you can send a photo or go to the physical store and we will make an assessment of the damage. If the damage is due to a manufacturing defect, we will proceed to give you a completely new piece.
But if the damage is due to misuse or the effects of humidity or exposure to chemical products, we will offer you a maintenance and repair service. Nickel.

As much as possible, avoid your jewelry coming into contact with lotions, creams, cosmetic products, or water as they wear away the lacquer that helps protect the gold plating they have.
Try to store the pieces separately. Use the bags that we give you in each purchase!
Avoid physical activities, since sweat deteriorates the jewelry.
If you want to clean your pieces, you can use a soft cloth to further preserve their color and shine.